wearemagneton asked: You keep using the word “Changeling” and I keep not thinking of Star Trek. And so I get confused for a minute and then realize “oh wait right. Odo-changeling. Not fae-Changeling.” Anyway that was a Very Good Post thank you! C: –PM and Andy

Thank you and you’re welcome!

It is a bit unfortunate that the writers went with “Changeling”, which could mean a zillion other things. (“Founder” is even worse, because a: even more meanings, and b: do I really want to compare myself to the people responsible for the Dominion?) Plus my actual species is a bit private, at least when talked about as being mine rather than a purely fictional creation. (That’s what I told a forum comprised mostly of writers when explaining my username there. Said username also contains my legal first name, which gives another reason not to say it.)

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How does it tend to happen in singlets? The only explanation I currently understand from multiples is that anything can happen in-world, but I don’t have another world from which this seems possible. Could you give me an explanation? In my experience, I just feel more connected…

Depends on the person. I don’t have any phantom limbs myself (but then, neither do I have any limbs that could be phantom-ised).

My theory for how I personally became* this way? During the critical age for my development of species identity, I spent a fair bit of time around humans who acted very alien** to me. I figured that made me the alien. Add in Imagination (*SpongeBob rainbow*), the emotional detachment from my face that prosopagnosia had already given me, and significantly more force of habit than I’m comfortable admitting, and you get me in all my not-a-Changeling glory. (No, I’m not telling you what my species is actually called.)

(It’s possibly there’s some genetic predisposition: my dad’s a furry, though I didn’t know this at the time.)

I feel a bit jealous of the I-was-born-this-way otherkin sometimes. My identity seems so fragile. If I’d been told straight off about being autistic rather than my parents waiting until I was thirteen, I might be human today. Or maybe I wouldn’t. *shrug* I suppose in the end I am who/what I am, and the reasoning doesn’t need to be airtight.

*Some people are just born that way, but I don’t think I was.

**This probably had something to do with sub-cultural differences (they were in public school, I was homeschooled) and neurotype differences (they weren’t autistic).


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Oh god(s), the Tumblr set-up CAPTCHA wants me to say I’m human.

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I hate when CAPTCHAs do that. Yeah, it’s such a small thing, but the smallness makes it easy to fix.

I don’t care if you’re human or not. I just want to make goddamn sure you’re not a sentient robot or something.

…you’re NOT are you? —Tabs

This is my sister. She watches too many sci-fi movies for her own good. —Tom

As long as I’m a sentient non-evil robot, I don’t see why you should have a problem with that.

(Really I’m neither species. I cannot draw, so this is the point where I link to a picture of a Changeling and say “kinda like that, but with less hair gel”. (I’m not actually a Changeling, I just happen to resemble them. Thank god(s) for Deep Space Nine, else I’d have no pictures. Which reminds me, it’s almost Deep-Space-Nine-watching time. *wanders off to fandom-land*))


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