wearemagneton asked: You keep using the word “Changeling” and I keep not thinking of Star Trek. And so I get confused for a minute and then realize “oh wait right. Odo-changeling. Not fae-Changeling.” Anyway that was a Very Good Post thank you! C: –PM and Andy

Thank you and you’re welcome!

It is a bit unfortunate that the writers went with “Changeling”, which could mean a zillion other things. (“Founder” is even worse, because a: even more meanings, and b: do I really want to compare myself to the people responsible for the Dominion?) Plus my actual species is a bit private, at least when talked about as being mine rather than a purely fictional creation. (That’s what I told a forum comprised mostly of writers when explaining my username there. Said username also contains my legal first name, which gives another reason not to say it.)

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