We Are Magneton: js-ashby: Ugh, Ikr? I was SO CLOSE to coming out as nonbinary…

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Ah, one of those moments.

Trivia question on pre-movie theatre screen: Who said this, “Sometimes, I just don’t understand human behaviour.”

Me: Every non-human ever.

Friend: Some humans too. Haven’t you ever felt like that?

Me: Uh…

*tempted to say “Like I said. Every non-human ever.”*

(bear in mind that basically everyone I know IRL is in this movie theatre with me)

(also at least two of them (including the “Haven’t you ever felt like that?” one) are against gay marriage and I can’t possibly expect them to be open-minded enough to take it well immediately or even at all)

(and I’m terrible at vocal word-wrangling, so I can’t really explain anything well out loud)

Me: …all the time.

(It was attributed to C-3PO, if you were wondering.)

(Parents first, if anyone. What with Dad’s furriness they’ll probably need less explanation and I can accuse them of double standards if they take it badly.)

(I like parentheticals.)

Oh my god PLEASE tell me your dad’s a furry. Because then he wins the Awesome Dad Award. XD

Also, yeah, I get that… my friends are pretty open-minded, but telling them about my multiplicity/nonbinarity*/being nonhuman in-world would make them look at me like I’d grown a second head before they ran for the hills. XD

*I just made that word up.

(I like parentheticals too. Also XD faces.)

More or less. It rather depends on how you define “furry”, but last I heard it was the word he’s using.

Mind you, he’s never mentioned it offline in front of me. (But then, he’s never mentioned that he smokes in front of me, either. He’s secretive like that, I guess.) I know because Mom leaves her email inbox open. While I was using her computer, I noticed a pseudonym in the “From” section with email titles of things Dad would talk about. I vaguely remembered hearing Dad had a Livejournal, so I put the name plus .livejournal.com into a browser and there it was. I remember my first thought was “I guess it runs in the family.”

It was because of him I first heard the term “otherkin”. Either he or someone in his commentariat linked to WikiFur. A bit of poking led me to the page on otherkin. (I don’t remember if there was as much focus on controversy at the time as there is now.) I didn’t think it fit at first: the people in the pages linked off the wiki entry talked about past lives and phantom limbs and other stuff I didn’t have. It took me a few years.


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