Solder Time

@kelp-of-discontent said:

Usual recommendation for leaded solder is well-ventilated work area, eye protection and gloves, an extraction system is a nice to have, but my bedroom’s ventilation is somewhat lacking so a filtered facemask is an alternative solution. This has P100 cartridges which are pretty common for soldering/welding applications.

Eye protection for soldering is the kind of thing that is not so much about protecting you from chronic issues in the long run, but rather defending you from the 1 in 1000 chance that the flux core of your solder bubbles over and splats you in the eye with a drop of molten lead and flux, so it’s really the highest priority PPE you should get if you only do soldering infrequently.

Rosin inhalation probably won’t fuck you up that bad three or four times a year, but there’s not much to do about an acute case of eyelead.


#even *more* uses for P100s! #*makes notes* #(not that I have any intention of soldering anything) #the more you know #injury cw #poison cw?

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