#idk what this means or if i do this but ig i’ll just hold my phone with my pinky stuck out from now on?? 

Good question, also no that won’t help.


shitty MS Paint 3 minutes doodle, nto entirely accurate: When you have your pinky hooked on the “bottom” edge of the phone for the extra security so it doesn’t slide out of your hand that easily, you’re wreaking damage on your hand, since the pinky is extremely askew from it’s resting position. You might have noticed that when you hold your phone like that for long time it begins to hurt, like when you are gripping a pen too tightly for example.

Green lines – the fingers are going their natural way. Red line – the pinky is way off, that’s bad.



Me: Oh, good thing I never-

Me, looking down at hand: By talos this can’t be happening



There’s a very simple out-patient surgery that gives you most of the feeling back in most of your hand most of the time.


Chicks dig scars right?



I got one of the ring things that folds out and I find it quite nice (altho I placed it a little high on phone, I ought to move it down)

also I put on a bunch of grippy stickers. really improves the experience imo


#I had the opposite reaction to theclockworkjules #”oh god do I do this??” #”oh god I probably do this” #”oh no” #(”at least I don’t hold my phone as much as a lot of people do (because I mostly use my laptop instead) #so maybe hopefully it won’t hurt me too much?”) #next day: *holding my phone* #*looks down* #”…oh” #”apparently I do *not* do this” #”phew” #PSA #injury cw #Brin owns *two* 2010’s computers now #(…that tag is officially outdated now that I have a 2020-model smartphone‚ but fuck it)

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