New Star Trek headcanon just dropped: Geordi and data regularly hang out in the dark and Geordi sometimes forgets that people need light to see




This is so incredibly important how dare you hide this in the tags /lh



Pov you walk into a pitch black room and you see two creepy glowing android eyes, two flashing red lights, and the fucked up thing cats’ eyes do in the dark



Further hc that Data can’t actually see in the dark either.

He’s just never thought to mention this because he has a photographic memory and direct neural access to all of the Enterprise’s schematics, and therefore doesn’t actually need sight to know where everything is.




okay no cause like i love this.






Ok but imagine the Enterprise goes to help people on this planet where everyone lives underground in the dark because of radiation or something. Like it’s bad enough that hundreds of generations have lived underground and, over the course of time, have adapted to the darkness so well that light sources actually hurt them. So Picard has to figure out how to help them without sending people in with lights.

And the obvious answer is to send Geordi down, but the settlements are so far down the communicators cut out and Picard isn’t sending anyone into that alone.

“Data and I should be able to handle it,” Geordi says. “Neither of us need light to see and Engineering can manage fine without us for a few hours.”

Picard nods and is on the verge of sanctioning the mission with his trademark, “Make it so,” when Data speaks up.

“Actually, my visual sensors are designed to be as much like the human eye as possible,” he says. “They only process information transmitted by the reflection of light off physical surfaces. My ability to function onboard Enterprise in unlit spaces is due to my memorization of both the ship’s schematics and the design preferences of those whose quarters I visit regularly.”

Behind his visor, unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, Geordi blinks as he tries to process this new information. He’s almost about to apologize to Picard and Data for the assumption when Data continues.

“However, I would be able to integrate the information from our tricorder scans to navigate without much difficulty. I could accompany Geordi to the settlement and provide some level of assistance.”

Picard looks a bit confused at the correction, but nods. “Make it so.”

Later, when they’ve beamed down into the caverns, Geordi asks why Data never mentioned that he couldn’t actually see in the dark. He would’ve turned the lights on if he’d known.

“I did not need it,” Data answers simply, as if that was explanation enough.

“Data, most people like the lights to be on, even if they don’t need it,” Geordi points out. “It’s a comfort thing. And polite, too, I guess.”

Data pauses, processing. “I was not uncomfortable, nor did I find the lack of light to be rude. I enjoy our conversations in the dark.”

“Huh.” Geordi stops, watching as Data continues down the tunnel a bit further. “But you keep your quarters dark sometimes, too.”

“Spot is nocturnal,” Data explains. “I have read that it is important for cats to maintain a sense of routine, including a regular day and night cycle.”

“You do your work in the dark for Spot?”

“For my friends.”



Oh god this is adorable! I love it!


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Fire Lord Zuko passing a law that forbids challenging anyone under the age of majority to Agni Kai

Fire Lord Zuko waiting until the day he reaches the age of majority to pass this law, lest anyone think he is a coward

(No one. Literally no one would have thought that, but it’s generally regarded as a very classy move regardless)

Wait but also, until then, if anyone under the age of majority is challenged

Zuko fights it for them.

Which, especially in more rural towns (where Agni Kais are less of a public event and more of a fast and violent duel) is terrifying because you challenge your neighbor’s kid over a stolen chicken-fish and all of a sudden the Fire Lord is showing up???

But, those few who still challenge those who should be kids learn quickly to regret it.

Okay but this implies that Zuko knows whenever someone challenges a kid to an Agni Kai and is there before the battle takes place.

Firelord Zuko: *wakes up in a cold sweat near midnight*

Firelord Zuko: *running down the palace hallways while still struggling to put in his pants, being chased by his team of bodyguards* I’M GOING TO HING WA ISLAND TO KICK SOMEBODY’S ASS SEE YOU IN A WEEK BITCHES

Random spirit: Why’d you do that to him? Isn’t it kind of a stretch for a mortal to be blessed like that?

Agni himself: I felt like it


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ok but anakin and obi-wan talking like danny and rusty from ocean’s eleven when they spend too much time together 

listen, sometimes reaching a planet takes a lot of time and rex thought that cody was kidding when he told him to NOT let the two generals spend all their time together

and that’s how you get obi-wan and anakin finishing each other sentences but also not even speaking an understandable language to anyone else but them and saying shit like ‘ she has your…?’ ‘yeah’ ‘that means that she’s…’ ‘yeah’ ‘well you better…’ ‘yeah’ 

or ‘you wanna…’ ‘all yours’ ‘where should we…’ ‘start with the deck’

and they don’t even explain anything to rex? one time he asked them a question and they answered the exact same thing at the exact same time without even blinking, even clones don’t do that 

cody only sighs when rex calls him desperately and says ‘they’re doing the weirder-than-usual ‘one mind in two bodies’ thing, aren’t they?’ and rex is almost shaking and screaming ‘THEY’RE FREAKING ME OUT CODY’  

#rex saw anakin having an argument with obi wan for 3 entire minutes #and the whole time obi wan didn’t even look up from his holopad or OPEN HIS MOUTH #anakin ended up saying ‘you’re right of course you’re right I’m glad we had this conversation’ #rex cursed the eccentric space wizards and their creepy telepathy bullshit

because @obiwanobi‘s tags deserve to be rebloggable.


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So I was just thinking about those posts you get in the Discworld tag about the way belief works on the Disc and how Vetinari and/or Vimes is so integral to the way Ankh-Morpork works that they might just sort of… not ever die.

You know, the ones like ‘Vimes is going to become a god of policemen and he’s going to hate it”.

Well. What if it happens to both of them? There are two parts to the city, after all. ‘Proud Ankh’ needs taking down a peg or two (or seven) by Sam Vimes, and if anyone can terrify ‘pestilent Morpork’ into being better then it’s Havelock Vetinari. And they can drive each other mad with stealth puns for centuries, if they want.

Also, this would potentially make them literally Law And Order, and that just seems very fitting in a way that would probably annoy them both.



My favourite sort of riff on this is the idea that they aren’t there ALL the time, but if someone who’s taken over their authority or whatever starts fucking up, they become Active. 

Sort of like Carrot’s comment in Men At Arms: when you need them, you REALLY need them, but when you don’t, best if they just go away and get on with things (in their cases, being dead). So when things are going all right it’s very quiet and ordinary. 

And then when things start going WRONG suddenly you have things like the current patrician waking up to a Very Angry Manifestation of the Late Duke of Ankh, proceeding to remind him or her (would it be matrician, then?) about How Things Are Done (By Law). 

Or the abusive Commander of the Watch coming into his or her office to find a calm man, thin man like a predatory flamingo there to discuss the virtues of temperance and accountability and not having his/her Watch-house and/or personal lodgings being literally struck from on high by a meteor (can’t be lightning, Vimes and Io can’t even exchange a civil sentence, but Vimes has always been good at getting around these things). 

And yes in the mean time when things ARE quiet, they can watch everything and get on each other’s nerves and it’s basically like Colon’s office except instead of for old street monsters it’s for ancient legends of civil justice who can’t quite stand to even fade away and still have enough people believing and invoking them that they can stick around and growl when people get out of line. 



I s2g DO NOT make me ship there two



Oh I like this! 

And now I have headcanon: 

Everyone knows when Vimes appears. There’s a scent of heavy tobacco in the air, a feeling like a thunderstorm that builds and builds and builds as he (his specter? his presence? whatever you want to call it, it’s terrifying to those who are unjust) stalks down the hall towards whomever requires a prod buttock. 

Vetinari? No one knows when he’s coming. You’ll just walk into your office, and he will simply be there. The silent, black-clad figure, sitting in your chair, waiting for you (occasionally, there will be another, silent, black-clad figure, one with a smile and a scythe, waiting for you. DEATH, more than anyone, understands duty, and he and Vetinari exchange greetings whenever their paths cross). And the manifestation of the Patrician will nod to a chair, and the perpetrator will sink into it, unwillingly, and be subjected to-something, no one can ever remember quite what happens during these moments, only that they will be sweating afterwards and the chair behind the desk will be empty. 


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you know who’s gay? paul the real estate novelist who never had time for a wife and davey who’s still in the navy and probably will be for life

New headcannon: everyone in that song is gay except the Piano Man who has no idea he’s playing at a gay bar and the staff and regulars have a betting pool on how long he’ll take to finally figure it out. So far John is ahead.



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Star Trek Pet Peeve explained:


 whenever the show refers to species as “humanoid” or “not humanoid” – I tend to make an assumption that it’s a universal translator thing, because why would other species also refer to themselves as humanoid???


 – Julian learns Kardasi and discovers that the Cardassians have been saying the equivalent of “Cardassian-lite” the entire time (essentially “like Cardassians, but worse” folded into one word)

– Benjamin realises that Bajorans call non-Bajoran bipedal beings the “acceptably unfaithful” (it sounds better in Bajoran)

– Klingons say “weaker than Klingons.” B’Elanna takes offence, Worf is like “this is reasonable” (B’Elanna and Worf arguing Klingon linguistics based on their own relationships to tho)

– Betazoids and Vulcans independently of one another coming to the conclusion that they’ll call the other species “the talkies” (Betazoids for obvious reasons, Vulcans because humans just talk too much for no reason???)

– Dax once told Benjamin that the Trill phrase is roughly the same as “why don’t they have spots?” based on the alleged first words uttered when they encountered spotless species

– Ferengi call other species “fools.” Occasionally also “tall.”


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Anonymous asked: i remember seeing this video of this girl blasting her bf with toilet paper (by using a blowdryer) and stealing the controller that her bf was just using and donna would def do that to the doctor (and mayhe hijack the tardis) , especially even when he goes all ‘i am god’. hsuznsixke what other extremely dumb but extremely fun pranks/shit would they do to each other??


oh god this ask is from forever ago but YEAH she would. I’m the worst at coming up with pranks but here’s a select few that I think Donna would do to Ten:

– replace his shampoo with dye depositing shampoo and it just. Doesn’t do anything. Maybe he didn’t use it? But he does. Repeatly. Ni change. After like a week of this she tries to lean casually on a wall and  says, “so, uhh, doctor? Ever consider dyeing your hair?” and he’s like “oh i WISH i would love to but my hair doesn’t dye.” and she’s like..”Oh?” and he’s like “yeah well technically it isn’t hair it’s a bunch of very small antennae” and she genuinely does not know if he’s fucking with her until the metacrisis happens

-did that thing where you swap out the creme in oreos with toothpaste and served them to him and he made absolutely no indication of noticing. he ate all of them. what is wrong with him.

-Ten DEFINITELY walked in to Donna having converted the entire console room into a ball pit. It hardly counts as a prank though because this is the best day of his goddamn life. He does not know where the plastic balls came from but he’s having a blast

-Ten doesn’t really pull pranks as much as he just. Completely fuckin bullshits time lord culture half the time. Sometimes he’s honest and sometimes he’s just like “ i still miss the red skies reflecting off of the most beautiful place, Weed City”

-”did you know the most sacred number in all of time lord history is four thousand, two hundred and six point nine?” “No it fucking isn’t” *admonishingly* “Donna” “ Your sacred number is not fuckin 42069″

-One time Ten is like “smack cam!” and she gets Ready to throw down but he just kisses her on the forehead and is like “haha punk’d!”

– Conversely Donna learns about the chameleon arch and is like “oh i can mine this “fucking with the doctor” potential for MONTHS” she goes all out. She learns at least a little bit of circulean gallifreyian so she can comment on it. she picks up an old fobwatch and will fiddle with it in front of him without ever opening or commenting on it. She gets real vague about her childhood. It’s hilarious. 


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Avatar OC concept: a pedantic earthbender with a degree in geology who can bend ice on a technicality



the implication that bending is completely reliant on whether you think you should be able to instead of like…innate laws of the universe pleases me greatly



me bending someone’s bones: buddy they’re practically just limestone I mean it’s on you for walking around full of rocks



A waterbender, levitating a slice of pizza: See, I believe that pizza is technically a soup, not a sandwich, so


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When Harry becomes the DADA professor, kids constantly ask him for an autograph, but he refuses, saying the only thing he’ll autograph is a detention slip. Eventually, though, he starts carrying around a stack of autographed pictures of Ginny, which he gives out when people ask for an autograph. It gets really popular, so he starts mixing it up with autographs from other people, mostly Ron and Hermione. But the students love it, so he adds more. Soon he’s giving out autographs from like fifty different people, including all the teachers at Hogwarts, and a bunch of other random people like Luna, Lee Jordan, Oliver Wood, etc. He even has some fairly rare ones from Krum and Fleur. It becomes a game in Hogwarts to collect all the autographs, like chocolate frog cards. Some of them are more limited edition than others, like signatures from all the ghosts (though Harry won’t reveal how he managed to get those). George starts to offer a discount at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes (and a prize autograph from Peeves, who will only sign Bertie Bott’s scratch-and-sniff cards) to anyone who can prove they’ve collected the whole set. Harry provides him with up-to-date lists of autographs to check against. Every Hogsmeade weekend there’s a line of Hogwarts students in WWW’s Hogsmeade branch trying to get the discount.

At some point a seventh year comes up to Harry and asks for his autograph, but not as the Savior of the Wizarding World, but because they now have the autograph of every other Hogwarts teacher and want Professor Potter’s to go with them. Harry–trying not to tear up–agrees, but only in exchange for the student’s signature. He begins offering this deal to all departing seventh years, his autograph in exchange for theirs. He tells them it’s in case they ever get famous, so he can add it as a limited edition autograph, but really he keeps them all in a big binder just for himself, to remember all his students. (A couple times, though, when a students does become famous, he will contact them and ask if they’d like to be added to the game. So far no one has said no.)

When Teddy starts at Hogwarts he begins a black market autograph trade because he has access to a lot of the people Harry gets autographs from. Harry’s other three children proudly continue the trade when they get to Hogwarts. They’re all secretly aided by Ginny.


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There’s either no sexting on Discworld because all faster-than-postal communication must be manually encoded by a human (or other species) person, or there IS sexting and some poor clacks operator midway to Pseudopolis is out here Suffering like, broo…not again bro… just send her a letter, bro… a letter in the —ing mail…


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