Fire Lord Zuko passing a law that forbids challenging anyone under the age of majority to Agni Kai

Fire Lord Zuko waiting until the day he reaches the age of majority to pass this law, lest anyone think he is a coward

(No one. Literally no one would have thought that, but it’s generally regarded as a very classy move regardless)

Wait but also, until then, if anyone under the age of majority is challenged

Zuko fights it for them.

Which, especially in more rural towns (where Agni Kais are less of a public event and more of a fast and violent duel) is terrifying because you challenge your neighbor’s kid over a stolen chicken-fish and all of a sudden the Fire Lord is showing up???

But, those few who still challenge those who should be kids learn quickly to regret it.

Okay but this implies that Zuko knows whenever someone challenges a kid to an Agni Kai and is there before the battle takes place.

Firelord Zuko: *wakes up in a cold sweat near midnight*

Firelord Zuko: *running down the palace hallways while still struggling to put in his pants, being chased by his team of bodyguards* I’M GOING TO HING WA ISLAND TO KICK SOMEBODY’S ASS SEE YOU IN A WEEK BITCHES

Random spirit: Why’d you do that to him? Isn’t it kind of a stretch for a mortal to be blessed like that?

Agni himself: I felt like it


#Avatar: The Last Airbender #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #headcanons #violence cw? #abuse cw?

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