so many posts on so many different forums are about to break

just like photobucket

Dumb question: is the kind of entity that can undo much of this damage? Can they try to scrape and store the most accessed N% of content that’s flagged as probable-to-go-down? If not, what’s stopping them – laws, resource bottlenecks, or technical difficulties?

ArchiveTeam (a distinct entity from the Internet Archive, but works closely with them) has now spun up a project to scrape Imgur for ingestion into the Wayback Machine. They welcome help; the level of tech-savviness required is “knows how to run a provided VirtualBox file”.

(VirtualBox scraper instances currently default to scraping Enjin, but if you want to specifically do Imgur you can go to while the scraper is running and change the available-projects setting.)


#reply via reblog #PSA #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #amnesia cw?

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