We got in a transport today from our rural shelter partners (history: pups abandoned on person’s property) and one was a 9 week old puppy with “a swollen face and unable to use his legs.” They thought she was sick with something.

The face is because she is a shar-pei mix


Though I admit she does look like she ate a spicy sky raisin, but she’s been like this for a week. It’s just her face.

The legs however…

I palpated one limb and felt a very thickened, broken femur, and on the other the femur as a whole had gone walkabout so I thought dislocated.

Vet agreed with me so we took rads.


I mean, that left leg is *technically* not dislocated. Technically. The break on the right is so old there’s nothing we can do.

Puppy is going to foster for a month to build muscle in the right leg to, and I quote my vet, “to give her a leg to stand on” since we will be amputating the left.

Also, how long do you think it will take the algorithm to incorrectly flag this?


She… she fucking rebuilt her femurs??? The one floating off into nowhere, the dog built a whole new femur and even a whole new greater trochanter????


Original rad on the left, most recent on the right.

Our vet sent the rads to her orthopedic surgery mentor and he responded with “ I believe in God now”

If you look closely, you can see that this dog is currently in possession of 3 whole femurs like a goddamned overachiever


@talesfromtreatment so what’re you gonna do with the extra femur? remove it?


Her body is actually already working at removing it via a process called remodeling. That’s why it has a more ‘ghostly’ appearance than the new femur that she built. In a few more months it will be gone entirely.


A collection of my favorite tags on this fabulous little creature and what a good job she did with her three (3) femurs.



#dogs #fun with loopholes #body horror #animal abuse cw? #aging cw? #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #(”isnt this what happened w the tenth doctor”) #this post was queued because my to-reblog list is too long and I didn’t want to dump it on you all at once

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