Who is solving the Kira murders the fastest? The time to beat is 6-ish years.


Please reblog to increase data size. Please also add how long you think it would take and why.

Phoenix Wright literally has a three day time limit

Benoit Blanc is onto Light’s shit IMMEDIATELY, but may not be able to work out the HOW. Fortunately, he also doesn’t necessarily care about solving things Legally. I give him about a month, during which Light totally fails to spell his name correctly.

BBC Sherlock has to loudly announce his name and get in everyone’s face. He’s dead within the hour.

Shawn Spencer wouldn’t solve the Mystery, but he and Light will somehow get involved in Kooky Hijinks and Shawn makes Light realize that he’s being a twerp, and the murders stop. Time Elapsed: 2-3 days.

The Mystery Gang hits Ryuk with the van and on the way to the hospital (this is the first time they haven’t been able to pull of a mask and it’s REALLY worrying them), Shaggy, Scooby and Ryuk have a Powerful Supernatural Entity Heart-to-Heart and Ryuk realizes he has more and better options to entertain himself. Time Elapsed: Negative Six days.

I don’t know Waver Velvet enough to make a guess.

L Lawliet is too busy playing Gay Autism headgames with Light to figure out the Mystery. Does Not Solve it.

The reason we never see Columbo’s Wife is that he himself possesses a Deathnote- His Wife gave it to him after he gave her eternal existence meaning, and they’ve been happily married with a collection of basset hounds since. He knows what’s up immediately. but unlike Blanc, needs to trick Kira into offering proof admissible in a court of Law. Time Elapsed: 3 days to a week.

Dr. Gregory House is arrested at the airport for carrying drugs. Does Not Solve The Mystery.

Phoenix Wright will solve this mystery and prove it in court in three days, but he’s bound by narrative convention to use EVERY LAST SECOND. Time Elapsed: 3 days

Winner: Scooby Doo, by Genre Upset.

Waver is a mage who only works within the mage community. His MO is explaining how examining the murder method is a complete waste of time because the answer is always “it’s magecraft” and then proceeding to solve the case by analyzing the culprit’s motive. Unfortunately, the motive in the Kira murders is that Light is an edgy teen from a privileged cop household, which doesn’t narrow things down nearly enough. Does Not Solve The Mystery.


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