you guys are reading emails?

I am seeing polls like this one and like. the number of unread emails in my inbox is definitely in the hundreds and getting a more precise upper bound requires trusting gmail not to lie to me because it only loads emails in sets of fifty at a time. I do not, in fact, trust gmail not to lie to me about this, because they often do. doesn’t matter. anyway.

like. 99% of the email i get is

  1. we’re updating our terms of service!
  2. thing you were following updated!
  3. confirmation email from an online purchase!
  4. social media notification!
  5. spam from companies i can’t block because they don’t distinguish their spam emails from their actual useful emails!

and things like that. i don’t read those emails, in the sense of ‘click through so they are no longer marked unread’. i read the subject line, which tells me all i need to know. if it’s a notification on my phone sometimes i remember to quick-archive it because there’s a convenient button for it. then it accumulates as detritus on my inbox until it becomes relevant later on or i do an archiving sweep every few months.

Nothing in my main two email inboxes (one for Brin and one for legal-name stuff) is marked unread, though…*counts*…for my legal-name email around 15 are emails that I have not literally read (4 where the title alone tells me everything I need to know from it, the other 11 mostly newsletters or discussion of upcoming volunteer events), plus another 6 that I’ve read but have not finished acting upon. Brin has 3 inbox emails, all of them AO3 updates.

If an email is *marked* unread *and* in the inbox, that means it’s new enough that I haven’t even glanced at the title yet. Newsletters that I traditionally read over lunch (rather than whenever I get around to it) get moved to their own folders and *then* re-marked unread until I actually read them: I have 31 unread Canadian Accountant newsletters and 1 unread Money Stuff.

Most emails I move to one of several folders (options include, but are not limited to, “Other” and Trash) on a scale of hours after getting them. The ones that require more work to sort, like the ones that are in there right now, I do…well, *most* of them around once or twice a month (with the occasional smaller sweep in-between), but things that involve watching videos often take months or years.

I communicate with my parents over email pretty much every day.


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