Let’s make a color together!


Once the results are done, I’ll multiply 255 to the decimal version of the percentage, and see what color we make!!

Here’s the result!! A nice lookin color, good work everyone!


i believe we’ve reached a consensus


I checked. I did the math. I converted it into hexadecimal.

The color hex code is #3b5273.

It’s literally Tumblr Blue.

Wait. I just looked at what Xkit calls “old blue”.

The hex for that is #36465d. It’s darker, but that is to be expected because the poll restricted the possible values to only the color space where the sum of all 3 colors adds up to 255, so that removes a variable. You expect the saturation and value to be different just because of that – the saturation and value are 42% and 36% respectively for Tumblr Blue, while for this color they’re 49% and 45%. It’s a bit lighter blue, with a tiiiiny bit more saturation.

If you just look at the hue angle, however, that’s completely unconstrained.

The hue angle for Tumblr Blue is 215°.

The hue angle for this color is…


You didn’t just make “Tumblr Blue”

You made pretty much as close as this poll could’ve POSSIBLY GOTTEN to the actual fucking Xkit-defined “Tumblr Blue”.

(for the record, if you wanted to truly get Tumblr Blue with this poll, the actual closest you could’ve gotten would’ve been 25% red, 32% green, 43% blue)


#oh my god

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