A while back I finally figured out how to use UBlock’s element blocker and promptly went mad with power. Just now I turned off all my extensions to debug something and realized how much more useable it made everything. As soon as I see something annoying I open the Ublock popup, select the element picker, click the annoying thing, and (most of the time) the annoying thing is gone forever and I never have to think about it. So here’s my shameless ad pitch for things you can do with it, other than the default “block ads”:

  • Remove all of the UI buttons that are definitely useful for someone but that you’re never going to use in your life
  • Remove UI buttons you use only once, like “register”
  • Hide the “Posts +” button in tumblr
  • Clear all of the information your credit card website tries to show you that you don’t care about so that you can focus on the couple numbers that you do
  • Send those pop-up “do you want to chat!” notifications to hell, where they belong
  • Remove various website overlays
  • Remove specifically the calorie numbers on food delivery websites
  • Hide the comments and recommended videos sidebar on youtube
  • Hide promotions that an adblocker doesn’t pick up on because they’re native
  • Hide your facebook newsfeed (if you just use it for chat/events/groups)
  • Hide discord’s sidebar when you just need one channel open and don’t want to be distracted, and then unhide it when you want it back
  • Get rid of distracting moving elements on pages
  • Hide almost all of the elements on twitter except the actual tweet, if you only interact with twitter via other people’s links and don’t want to be sucked down the rabbit hole
  • Generally hide “Related!” or “See also” or “You might like!” type distractions on sites where you only want to see what you came there for, not browse
  • Remove all of the news from weather websites so that they can actually do their job and show you just the weather
  • Remove the footer text on websites no one ever reads

I don’t think this requires being a Computer Person to use even though it has the Computer Person aesthetic, but being (to my great chagrin) a Computer Person I might be misjudging this. If you want help setting it up I will help you. If you want step by step debugging of why it suddenly break something I will help you. Two weeks away from graduating with my CS degree I have apparently discovered the obligatory Thing That A Computer Person Must Write Passionate And Slightly Unhinged Rants About No One Else Cares About. Via the power of caring way too much about something it now comes with free tech support, warranty not included, void where prohibited etc.

Further advice, because it is very non-obvious from the UI and I was very frustrated until I figured it out: the popup that shows up when you block things has two sliders. The one on the left makes your selection wide (i.e. also grabs the parents element(s)) or narrower; this is very useful if you’re trying to select something and just can’t managed to click in the exact right place that will grab the entire thing you want to block. The one on the right makes the selection more/less specific, so that in some cases when the default selection will grab all buttons of type X you can make it grab just this one button, or vice versa.


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I just learned about a bird species called Golden Plover. Their chicks have an amazing camouflage: their baby fluff resembles MOSS!


…Oh to be a tiny golden plover lying in the moss safe and sound waiting for your mom to bring you some worms…





Reminds me of the “Tapera Naevia” aka Striped Cuckoo whose chicks look like Pine Cones, so now we have “Moss Birb” and “Pine Cone Birb”




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this-goodly-frame asked: What do you think is the connection between language and consciousness — or is there even necessarily a connection? Does consciousness somehow emerge from language? Or is language at least a necessary precondition for consciousness?


  1. I don’t know what you mean by “consciousness.” The kinds of things people usually claim that there is such a thing as “consciousness” is pretty vague, and often conflates various sorts of phenomena.
  2. I don’t think language is a precondition for consciousness. (And there aren’t any languages that lack language-like components.) I think that while language probably has an effect on consciousness, it is not the causal antecedent of consciousness, and the two may not even be in the same causal chain.



That’s a really good point actually — I think even defining what consciousness *is* is really hard, let alone trying to explain it. And definitely agree that there are different phenomena get lumped under “consciousness,” and different people may be thinking of somewhat different things.

I guess there are two phenomena I tend to think of as “consciousness” — one, having an internal subjective experience / phenomenology, and two (this one is more squishy and meta), being “aware” of oneself as an entity with subjective experience. If that makes any sense?



Yeah, this is basically what I mean.

It is sort of “hard” to explain what it means to be a conscious person, and I think this is at least as much a fact about the nature of consciousness as it is about the nature of language. It’s difficult to explain consciousness on the basis of the words we use for it.

I guess one of my ideas here is that consciousness and language (and other language-like things, really) are not really distinct categories — they are (or can be) intertwined. It’s not that language causes consciousness, but rather that the two are linked: it’s hard to describe a conscious being without referring to language (e.g. “a human being who speaks English”), and there are things that are conscious that we can talk about only in terms of the words we use for consciousness (e.g. a single “I”). (If you know something about the nature of consciousness and not much about language, this may sound very hard to believe, but in practice a lot of things we claim about language seem to apply to consciousness, and vice versa — the things we claim about consciousness are also things we claim about language, etc.)

Another thing I’ve wondered is, can the two be separated? Consciousness may be a complex phenomenon, but if you get all the parts and recombine them (which is a standard approach to explaining stuff like consciousness), can you get a system that’s fully conscious and also entirely non-language-like? I doubt it, but it’d be really cool if there were such a thing.



It’s definitely an interesting question — but I’d have to take a page from your book and ask you what you mean by “language.” Like, what would make a system “entirely non-language like”? Is any symbolic or representational process “language-like,” as you’re thinking of it?



The answer I’m giving here is just a very vague answer. It’s also a bad answer, and I don’t think it’s a very productive one.

There’s no good way to draw a line between things that are “linguistic” and things that aren’t, because there are so many ways to draw the line, and a lot of them don’t seem very informative.

There are certainly linguistic things that are non-symbolic and non-representational. For example, if you are reading this post, it might not be “about” anything at all, it could be some purely internal process without external referents. If you were reading this post, you would not be consciously aware of the words on this page, but rather you would be conscious of something else, the internal processing of information.

In general, I think language is much more of a process of internalization and abstraction than people normally think. It’s an important source of abstraction in both our internal experience and our external environment, but it’s not the only source of abstraction. You can abstract information from the outside in a non-language-like way — this is what, e.g., “pattern recognition” does. You can also have things that are internally abstract, without even using the words “symbols” or “semantics” to describe them. In this case, the abstraction is not driven by linguistic information alone.

You ask a fair question, but I don’t have a good answer — this is what I meant by “vague.”



There are certainly linguistic things that are non-symbolic and non-representational. For example, if you are reading this post, it might not be “about” anything at all, it could be some purely internal process without external referents.

You’re more right than you can possibly know, Frank


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We don’t just have a skeleton,” said one of the nodosaur researchers involved. “We have a dinosaur as it would have been.”

Known as a nodosaur, this 110 million-year-old, armored plant-eater is the best preserved fossil of its kind ever found.

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This is maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever reblogged.



That motherfucker died giving the side-eye.



eventually we will run out of fossils to find, but damn there are some cool ones


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Ok, so theres like 14 tugboats working on the Ever Given now and the tide is coming in. They MIGHT be able to refloat her today.

As a hilarious side note, THIS apparently happened on a highway in china this morning, which SEEMS like a joke but is apparently real:


in the spirit realm, an evergreen tree has fallen and blocked the River of Life; the material realm will be forced to echo and reenact this higher reality in various ways until the problem is rectified at the source



#Ever Given #oh my god #(I looked it up and this is apparently a real thing that really happened at that real timestamp) #(also: they’ve made *some* progress on unsticking the Ever Given but they’ve still got a ways to go)