ive just been born into the world what are some good games for beginners


this one won goty five yrs in a row and i heard its got awesome ratings

Tier List

S Tier: Green Line – High up and long circular motions are the sauce. Absolute banger.

A Tier: Blue Line – Nothing special in terms of line structure, but the texture on the beads are what make this one so great

B Tier: Yellow Line – The Right Angled motions are honestly mesmerizing

C Tier: Orange Line – The Vertical Up and Down motions can be fun but it just comes across as clunky

F Tier: Red Line – What are you even doing

are you fucking kidding me the red line beads are a FAR more compelling texture than the blue line. “oh but the red line is booring.” the appeal is in how it interacts with and highlights the other lines you philistine. without the red line there’s no cohesion at all. read a book.

Literally hop off. Red doesn’t even use gravity as an element in the main route. Orange is one of the only three lines (with green and yellow) to actually use gravity to add complexity to the route, and is honestly an underrated pick. Have fun playing “push left” simulator with red. Idiot.


#games #discourse cw?

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