Me telling housemates about radon risks: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!
Me being asked to split radon detector costs: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.


#… #*reads a couple of governments’ websites on home radon exposure* #…man‚ the shit people don’t tell you about‚ huh #*sighs* #*adds a radon testing unit to the List at position 17* #(the test itself is only 50 CAD but the renovations to deal with a failure result are like $4k) #(and there seems little point in testing if I can’t afford to do anything with the result) #((also one of the things one does for this is sealing cracks in one’s basement)) #((which‚ uh‚ half our basement floor is crumbling concrete and the other half is crumbling brick)) #((there are multiple areas of the basement where you can see straight down into the soil below)) #((presumably this is Bad)) #(anyway‚ point being‚ I have placed it just below ”replace basement floor”) #PSA #poison cw #domesticity #adventures in human capitalism #tag rambles #(P.S. okay wait hang on apparently there is a subsidy program for low-income households) #((again I ask why the fuck this did not come up on any of my previous searches for low-income home-repair subsidies)) #(…aaaand we are once again disqualified because everyone thinks Brother ought to be contributing his entire income) #(and not reserving any to save up for a home of his own one day) #(well‚ I’ll make a note‚ maybe he’ll move out before we make it to 17 or something)

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