Convertible Bed in Form of Upright Piano

snoozing peacefully in this bed when it violently snaps shut and starts playing gymnopedie no. 1 amidst the sounds of me desperately calmoring to escape


Sing us a song, you’re the pianobed

Both a bed and piano upright

Now you’re trapped in this mattress and melody

While Tumblr all laughs at your plight

Now Mozart and Bach, they are friends of mine

And Brahms with his sweet lullaby

But when my bed folds up tight in the dead of the night

I can’t sleep however I try

I say “Wolfgang, Johannes and Johann,

I respect all your great symphonies

But I can’t get much sleep with concertos

Being played on my head and my knees”

They let me sleep in on a Saturday

At least every once in a while

And when it gets out of tune, I can sleep until noon

A slumbering musicophile

Then the piano snaps shut, a crescendo

And the chords all resound in my ear

And it’s goodbye bedtime, and hello three-four time

And move over, Beethoven is here.

Play us a song, you’re the pianobed

I’ll be stuck in your mattress all night

So I may as well sing to your melody

While Tumblr all laughs at my plight


#music #I didn’t actually laugh aloud but it still amused me enough to reblog #love the decor fandom

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