spotify wrapped is weird because of how many of you are apparently using subscription services for music

you know there are legally operating websites your ISP will be cool with you visiting that have tons of music files on there, right?

Spotify is free, though; i assume most Spotify Wrapped posters are just using the ad-supported free plan, not paying for a subscription. I do dislike the ads, though – which are the legal music piracy websites?

Youtube. For ad-free, Youtube + UBlock Origin.

(note for some of the mobile Internet users out there: UBlock Origin *is* available on Android Firefox)

The breadth of their library, already substantial a decade ago, has improved tremendously. It has been several years since the last time I searched for a song on Youtube and did not find it.


#anyway I agree with OP #for songs I know I’ll want to listen to many times in the future I use local files #but if I only want a song once or twice‚ or if I’m looking up new songs‚ that is what Youtube is for #(this is actually my *primary* usecase for Youtube) #((well‚ that and videos to watch while on the treadmill)) #reply via reblog #the more you know #music #I think different aspects of this post qualify for both #proud citizen of The Future #and #disappointed permanent resident of The Future

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