In the big list of “terms of art in a specific discipline that suddenly everybody is familiar with”, I think that to go with “coronavirus”, “core inflation”, etc. we’ll shortly be adding “cascading failure.”


#I desperately want to make an ”in the future‚ ‘zoonosis’ will be a word everyone knows” reference here #but I can’t think of a suitable word to stick in there #maybe if I were more fluent in webdev jargon #(…why does that quote not turn up on search engines) #(please tell me somebody knows what I’m talking about) #(I feel like I read that line in an article or something years ago and it has lived in my head ever since) #((I don’t *object* to it living here‚ it pays rent and all that‚ but it sure was striking)) #Twitter #amnesia cw? #illness tw? #apocalypse cw?

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