Had a dream this morning that Archive of our Own had a Random button which would simply take you to a random fanfic, like Wikipedia has. (AO3 does not appear to really have this, I checked and couldn’t find one, but I kinda wish they did.) Someone had started a game where whatever fic you got, that was your new fandom, which is very fun! I would love this meme in real life.

The problem came in where so many people used the button that it broke and just started sending everyone to Stealing Harry, and like…I have fond memories of Stealing Harry but it’s not my best work and nobody should be assigned to be a Harry Potter fan in this day and age.

So I decide to go off and find Astolat and demand she fix this but when I finally did (there was a whole quest) she turned to me like the baddie in a horror flick and said, “But that’s the most random story there is” in a dark voice and I was terrified and woke up.

In the cold light of day I know there are more random stories by me on the archive, let alone by others, but I’m not going to try to get back there to argue my case. Pretty sure whatever I spoke to was actually the demon specifically assigned to plague fandom and not Astolat at all.

I’d say “get thee behind me, demon” but I know just how many porny fics on AO3 begin with that premise. (I’ve written some.) Begone foul spirit, and take your Satanic Panic with you!

This made me laugh so hard – of all the things a sleeping mind can offer up as entertainment, poor Copperbadge was visited by a demonic Astolat impersonator.

I wanted that Ao3 random button though.


It’s a generator that produces a link to a random work page on AO3, using a number generator in the link.

Fair warning, it turns up 404 errors pretty often, because many works have been deleted. Keep clicking, you’ll get something eventually.

Also, this is literally any work on AO3, so remember the back button and browse responsibly.


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #dreams #AO3 #memes # #I have been assigned Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries #I’ve heard vaguely positive things about it

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