I hate the pivot to video I hate listening to some morons obnoxious voice and watching their stupid face to receive a message that could have been conveyed in 45s and 1kb in 3min and 150mb instead I hate being thrall to the tyranny of linear viewing rather than glancing around the file I hate not being able to copypaste and I hate ppl playing this withering vampiric drain on my finite quantities of attention and patience and capacity for analysis as some heroic blow for the rights of the disabled as though they are not equally being victimised by it

I hate the tacit assumption that I’m supposed to form some sort of parasocial relationship with a goddamned software troubleshooting guide because apparently that’s what conventional wisdom in marketing says brings in the dollars these days

#there does not need to be a theme song for installing a thermostat!! #though if there was it would be uptown funk #too hot (hot damn)


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #but also #yes this #that excuse for communication called speech #my past self has good taste

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