As it becomes winter again… and as somebody who once popped out his kneecap by slipping on ice, I would like to remind my followers that slip on shoe spikes exist.


You can usually get ones like these for around $10, and they’re really worth it. They’re made of rubber, so you can just fold them up, and I’ve been using mine for a couple of years now.

And if you use a cane, don’t be afraid to get one of these bad boys:


[Image: The bottom of a cane, with an ice grip attachment. The end has several metal spikes for gripping ice and snow.]

The tip is on a hinge. You pinch the white knobs together and the ice tip just sorta flips around and up against the cane, so you can use it on dry floors indoors without removing it entirely! This thing has saved me from so many falls in the winter.


#yes this #clothing #PSA #I bought a couple pairs of these for my delivery-driver parents a couple years back #injury cw?

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