so i normally wear sports bras but i tried on some normal bras a couple days ago and like. how does anyone wear these all day. theyre so uncomfortable. they have like…textures??? and a hard part at the bottom??? and latches and shit?! literally why would you not just wear sports bras. if you wear one thats not like tight they dont even make your boobs look much smaller


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Have a good day at work little buddy


His name is Black and was adopted by the workers of a construction site in Antofagasta, Chile. He was found by some workers near the area, when he was just a kitten, and they decided to take care care of him.  The workers loved him and one of the cleaning ladies of the site designed some mini reflective jackets- and other outfits- for him.  He was officialy named foreman  and had its own access credential to the construction site.
I belive the constrution work finished on 2017 and he was adopted by one of the employees.


Look at him!

He is such a good site foreman!

He’s working so hard and doing such a good job! <3

I looked up ‘CATPATAZ DE INGRESO’ (on the cat’s ID card) and Google Translate corrected my spelling.

‘Capataz’ = ‘foreman’.

Catpataz’ = a terrible, terrible pun.


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{{ }}

would you like to see the best video on tiktok? i present… a fancy flock

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This kind of acausal compliment makes me want to share my Halloween costume from last year:



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The trick is to not let people know how really weird you are until it’s too late for them to back out.

Absolutely the frak not, the trick is to immediately let people know how weird you are so you scare off the weak ones. The ones who stay because they like how weird you are? Those are the ones you want.

Post 1: workplace

Post 2: everywhere else

… you know what, codicil accepted


#yeah pretty much #(me showing up to a job interview last summer in a dry-clean-only dress‚ a purse‚ and a university-branded cloth mask: #hello yes I am a perfectly normal member of the office-worker class in the year 2021) #((fortunately I don’t think I’ll ever have to go *quite* that far again)) #((we have a pack of KF94s now‚ which can pass for normie while offering much better protection)) #((Good Manner: for the normie in *your* life)) #in which Brin has a job #clothing #recs


idle Jaskier-related notion:

Joey Batey is really approximately the same size and shape as Henry Cavill, and there are a number of clever techniques in pretty much all Jaskier’s costumes to hide this fact and make him look about three or four inches narrower than he actually is. The costumers work really really hard to make him look that twinky, often with cleverly cut shoulder decorations that pretend he’s trying to look bigger than he is and have the actual effect of making him look a lot lighter.

On a Doylistic level this makes sense, because it’s hard to make Geralt look Huge and Imposing next to your non-combatant harmless sidekick if said sidekick is a jacked six foot burly man.

On a Watsonian level, however, the notion of Jaskier as this big meaty dude aggressively arguing with all his tailors to ensure that he looks as non threatening and foppish and entertaining as possible while also looking as sexy as he can (for a Jaskier definition of sexy, at least) is generating considerable entertainment for me this fine morning.



“No! My shoulders must look slender!”

“But, sir, you could look ripped!”

“Absolutely not! I must look slim and gentle and unassuming!”

“As you wish, sir… So do you wish it to be cut with much excess fabric, so that you look small and also very wealthy to afford so much?”

[howling] “No! I must look slender and gentle and also above else very attractive!”



Geralt doesn’t notice any of this until they try to share a tiny hostel bed on the road and Jaskier cuddles up to him and abruptly there is no more room in that bed



I need a full picture costume run down of this by someone in the fashion field stat



Ask and ye shall receive! I may not work in the fashion field but I do work in the costume production industry for theatre/film so this is totally my area. Using clothes to change someone’s appearance is super common, and Tim Aslam’s costume design for The Witcher is actually a really good example of this, so buckle up because this is a long ride!

Creating an illusion like this has two main components: shape (the style lines created by the clothes), and fit (the way the clothes hang on the person’s body), and is the result of close collaboration between the designer and the production team. 

We’re going to talk about season one, because that’s where the difference is the most obvious. Take a look at Geralt:


First, let’s talk about shape. The goal here is to make Geralt look strong and imposing, and the best way to do that is to exaggerate the triangle of his upper torso. See how much broader his shoulders look than his waist in both images? A loose shirt over tight pants is a classic way to establish this, because the shirt blousing at the waist (note that the pants sit high up at the natural waist) makes the hips looks narrower in comparison. Note also that his shirt has an asymmetrical closure – a centered vertical line down the shirt would make him looks slimmer, while the off-center one adds width.

His armor does this by giving him those massive shoulder pieces, which both lengthen and raise his shoulder line. I would estimate that they raise Henry Cavill’s shoulder line by a good two inches just from the bulk of the leather alone. His torso armor also does a really clever thing by having a very subtle V shape to the vertical lines, making his waist look smaller. If you count the number of stripes above and below his belt (again, sitting high at the natural waist), you’ll notice that the narrow stripe at the front edge of the armscye disappears, which allows the side stripes to make that V shape.

Now let’s talk about fit. The fit of Geralt’s shirt looks simple but is actually super specific. It’s very easy for an actor to get lost in a shirt that is too loose – if there’s too much extra fabric then it will just make the actor look smaller by drawing attention to how baggy it is. This shirt fits just right: the sleeves are full enough to allow for movement but still relatively fitted (and rolling up the sleeves actually also helps add breadth to Geralt’s torso by continuing the horizontal line at his waist). The body of the shirt fits smoothly across the shoulders and chest, and has just enough fullness to drape at the waist without feeling baggy.

Now let’s look at Jaskier.


We’ll start with this look. Shape and fit are very interconnected here so it’s just gonna be a jumble. First thing I notice: the jacket. Unlike your traditional fantasy/historical doublet, all of Jaskier’s jackets end at the waist, rather than continuing into a peplum/skirt like Geralt’s armor does. This cropped jacket is evocative of childhood/immaturity, an association that is generally considered to have its roots in schoolboy uniforms of the 19th and early 20th century (see the image of schoolboys wearing “Eton Jackets” below)


Jaskier also tends to wear his jackets open. This creates a vertical line down his torso, which is generally slimming, but it also totally obscures the shape of his torso. The brain is going to take the line of his hip, which we can see, and the armscye of his jacket, (which actually looks to be cut ever so slightly artificially narrow but it’s hard to tell) and fill in a line between them, which is likely going to end up being slightly narrower than his actual ribcage. He does have poofs at the top of his sleeves, which can be a technique used to add width, but if they’re cut and fit carefully you can actually hide some of the breadth of the shoulders inside the poof and make it look like the fullness comes from the poof and not the body.

Note: the “armscye” is the technical name for the armhole, but specifically the torso part. The corresponding sleeve part is the “sleevehead.”


Again, we have another open jacket, this one with strong vertical lines. See how the line of Jaskier’s hip flows up through the edge of the doublet all the way up through the armscye? This makes his torso look narrower despite the jacket’s shoulder tabs. In contrast, this line is always broken on Geralt’s outfits, whether at the waist with his shirt or with the giant shoulder pieces with his armor. Jaskier’s pants also tend to fit more loosely, which de-emphasizes the triangle of his shoulders to waist.


Okay this is my favorite image to illustrate everything we have going on here. Look at Jaskier’s jacket. What’s the first thing you notice? The bright yellow inset slashes in his chest. The high contrast in color draws the eye inwards and distracts from the breadth of his shoulders, where we have another cleverly cut poof. His jacket is again cropped, with strong vertical lines, over the baggiest pants he wears in the season.

Now look at Jaskier and Geralt together. Jaskier is all about long vertical lines, while Geralt’s predominate lines are either horizontal or diagonal. Additionally, Jaskier’s hips look even to his shoulders, even if they’re not, and Geralt’s shoulders are exaggerated. The two characters have a very different presence, even if the actors underneath are similar.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to costume design! Creating the illusory effects like this is one of my favorite things and I am excited to share!!


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I have discovered the truth about chainmail bikinis, and it is imperative those wearing such armor do not think about it too hard or they may inadvertently cross the line between Sexy Hero and Homicidal Pervert.

Item: enchanted chainmail bikini/headband/anklet set


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Side note but “mangaka wearing fun masks to interviews and fan events” seems to be a whole trend

Like, I love excuses to post that Hiromu Arakawa photo b/c FMA is my favorite and I enjoy her entire cow shtick:

but here’s Paru Itagaki (Beastars):

Gege Akutami (Jujutsu Kaisen):

Kohei Horikoshi (My Hero Academia):

and I’m not much of a weeb, these are just the ones people have told me about. Do comic artists do this in other countries? (I definitely would if I were in such a publicity and fan-driven business and I could get away with it)



idk but a bunch of amateur japanese musicians on youtube also do this 

@rustingbridges oh neat! That reminds me, I think it’s also (or used to be) a big thing in the EDM scene – like Deadmau5 and other DJs I don’t remember names of (I know even less about EDM than I do about manga).



honestly more people should wear weird masks all the time irl. I think that spice things. especially compared to what we’ve got


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mom wants to have a dinner tomorrow that we all get dressed up for since we’re all here quarantining together

she did not specify that we were supposed to dress formally AND mad max: road warrior was on today so i am throwing together a Post-Apocalyptic Look for the dinner for the irony and also because i am. a maniac.


(actually i have a whole pinterest board if you want to see all of it)


i have ripped the lining out of this once-pretty Lord + Taylor suede coat:

don’t worry too much–i got it super cheap on ebay years ago and had already fucked it up a little for larping (replaced the…uhhh original? they probably don’t call ‘em OEM parts on clothing lol….buttons with elvish looking clasps)

so i ripped out the lining, which is also really promising for easy weathering and quickly adding a fuck ton of texture to the coat:

i am now trying to figure out what effect bleaching suede will have on the color of the coat.

website after website is telling me how to go about it if i don’t want to damage the suede or discolor it. however, i want to damage the SHIT out of this coat. i want someone to look at this coat and not quite be sure what the fuck color it originally was.

experiments to come!



OHHHHH BABEY the experiments are exciting



twice now, tumblr has eaten my in-depth writeup of progress and i don’t want to bother a third time so here are the pictures at least lol





and the coat came out so COOL i can’t wait to add a bunch of shit to it





needs a lot of love but like…that’s the beginning of a mask!!!

(if you’re wondering about the guy fawkes mask, i knew that it was a little big on my face but generally the right shape to make a human-face-ish impression on the back of the mask. if you’ve ever tried casting full face prosthetic makeup, you know about the necessity of having both a positive and negative mold to make sure it actually fits onto a face–same principle here!)

so now i’m blasting it with a hair dryer until i’m satisfied that it’s dry-ish, then a whooooole lot of sanding.

ALSO dinner is actually tomorrow because no one felt like dress up dinner today lol



may or may not be turning into a dc villain, lads




  • sanding going well
  • i have cut my handy hands innumerable frickin times

OH ALSO i didn’t have this done in time for dinner and THAT’S OK




  • hood is mostly stitched. there are some elements i’m not satisfied with yet but it’s pretty close to done. not sure if i’m going to keep the “eyes in the back of your head” embroidery joke in there or not though (see the third picture). it IS funny in a grim way and i suspect that gallows humor is the only kind of humor that would survive long in a world like that but i don’t know if it fits the aesthetic really. we’ll see.
  • found some funky square chain and a few strings of eucalyptus seeds that i wasn’t sure what to do with and will be incorporating those (along with a piece of tire i found while walking a few days ago) into the costume somehow
  • looks like those tabi boots i bought in high school because i wanted to be as cool as my sister by having An Interest In Japan will also come in handy
  • and it’s mask painting time!! i’ve been looking forward to this for DAYS this is my favorite part of the PROJECT



OK i’m sorry to reblog this giant fuckin post twice in a row but also!!!! oh my god!!!!! look aahhh!!!!

dry brushing is my favorite thing ever aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!



OK so after a hiatus of uhhh ??? several months i am working on this again

  • i have added mesh onto the eyeholes of the mask and may paint them black. we shall see. also E6000 may be horrifically toxic but it is also the best glue ever
  • i think once i have the mesh secured and painted (and once i make sure there’s nothing on the inside that’s going to poke my face), all that will be left on the mask and hood is weathering, which is my favorite thing
  • found a REALLY nice shredded tire on the side of the road that i’m going to use for “armor”
  • may test out using my dremel to “age” the fabric elements of the costume? i’ve seen some videos of people doing that and it seems to work well and go fast
  • gotta spice up the plain old tabi boots i have
  • must add T R I N K E T S


#cosplay ideas for when I go to a con wearing a respirator to prevent con crud #(I don’t think I would enjoy the process enough to put this much work into it) #(but I’m glad OP is having fun and the inspiration might still help me with something lower-effort) #(…honestly I bet my utility belt and steel-water-bottle-with-shoulder-strap-pouch and #maybe also the hiking boots would go pretty well with the Aesthetic too) #(…god I just took another look at the way that coat turned out and was vividly reminded of #the camo-pattern hat I keep strapped to my utility belt when not in use) #(I really don’t need that many tweaks to my normal outfit‚ do I) #clothing #cosplay #illness mention #long post