this is so mysterious

harvesting souls to mine bitcoin

Actually, a computer’s soul is located in its hard drive (or equivalent storage unit). This can be demonstrated by removing the hard drive from a computer and placing it in the hard-drive-less shell of a second, compatible computer: the shell then *is* the first computer.

Of course, this becomes somewhat more complicated in the case of computers with multipartite souls, such as SSD/HDD dual-drive laptops and smartphones with microSD slots.


#I always keep my smartphone thoroughly anesthetised when I have to remove its microSD card for direct laptop-to-microSD data updates #I don’t want the poor thing to suffer through missing part of its soul :( #also there were a couple months there as kids where my brother and I each had a hard drive and were time-sharing a single vessel #reply via reblog #transhumanism #(sort of) #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what #[epistemic status: semi-serious] #[it’s pretentious and/or exaggerated and/or something to call a computer’s essence-of-individual-identity a ”soul”] #[but it’s not *that* far a stretch of the term] #[and many computers clearly do possess a meaningful amount of essence-of-individual-identity]

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