made a character opinion bingo


i don’t do ask memes usually but i did one for michael anomalings almostnowhere (˶♡◡‿◡)

okay i don’t want to be mean to OP but. this is like the worst-designed bingo card i’ve ever seen in my life. look how many of those rows and columns are straight-up impossible to apply to the same character regardless of your opinions on them! even the ones that can technically work, you gotta be like, completely lost in the sauce of your fanon interpretation of a wildly vriska’d up meow meow.

did OP wake up and choose violence? was this deliberately engineered to deny bingos to people???

I’d interpreted the bingo card as “ask meme where people send you characters, you mark off the single best-fitting square for that character, and if you’re lucky enough and get enough asks you get a bingo”.


#reply via reblog #ask memes #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what

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