mostly like switching from mac to windows but losing imessage sucks. being able to text from my computer was so convenient. afaik theres no windows equivalent for interfacing with my iphone, or even an android. maybe if i had a windows phone? pain, suffering, etc

I believe Google Messages for Web will let you send text messages from a desktop. It definitely does if you have Google Fi but I think it works if you link your phone number from another carrier as well.

You can sync any android phone (I think? Definitely the Pixels, and I assume others) to your desktop via messages.google.com. I think that doesn’t work for iphones though.

There might be other solutions as well but I don’t know them.

I hear KDE Connect has Windows and iOS versions. I use it (well, the Linux and Android versions) and it’s great.


#Brin owns *two* 2010’s computers now #reply via reblog #recs

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