“Time for Plan B.”

“Dude, we’re on like Plan Ansuz at this point.  Plan Omega was a while ago.”


*several disasters later*

“Well, time for Plan Alep.”

“You mean Plan Aleph?”

“No.  No, I do not.”


“Looks like it’s time for plan so

“Plan そ?”


*increasing worried expressions*

“…plan… 祖… ?“

“Plan 麤”


“Alright. We’re fresh out of character systems. What now?”

*frantic scribbling* “Hold on…”

“Are you… inventing a fucking conlang? For the sole purpose of demonstrating how incredibly shit the situation is right now?”

“Yes. We’re on Plan Squeeble.”

“Plan Squeeble?”

“Plan Squeeble.”


Plan voiced palatoalveolar fricative


plan faciomanual click


Plan wumbo


#I didn’t actually laugh aloud but it still amused me enough to reblog #language

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