genuine question for those of you who are comfortable answering: how old were you when you started using the internet & do you regret using it that young


#like six maybe? #I read a lot of Nethack guides #had an email address but only emailed family members #at nine I hung out on the official Chalkzone fan forum and enjoyed my time there #I don’t regret *my* childhood Internet usage but also I wasn’t wandering through the wilds of TikTok as a toddler #like OP describes being horrified by #I think probably by the standards implied in OP’s tags I started Using the Internet [lurking] at 13 and Using the Internet [posting] at 17 #everything before that was pretty small-pond and/or child-friendly stuff #(I mean I did run into some pornographic pop-up ads once as a kid) #(I just calmly closed them and moved on) #(admittedly my parents were surprised I took that so well) #…I think there *are* still‚ like‚ child-friendly games and stuff out there? #obviously I don’t seek them out anymore‚ so I don’t know about stuff *specifically* for children #but like I meet quite a few people on Flight Rising who are openly children (and probably more who are less open) #and that’s a pretty chill environment too? #we trade pixel dragon money and I politely warn them if they’re offering me a deal too strongly slanted in my favour #(I politely warn adults and unspecifieds too) #tag rambles #surveys

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