Not fucking worth it: the insane shit this guy does to be his own boss and not have a 9-5 sounds way worse than just having a job


#yes this #it’s so weird to me how many people I meet who think that the two kinds of people are #”entrepreneurs” #and ”people who *want* to be entrepreneurs but don’t currently have enough runway/seed-capital” #like yes unalienated labour is more pleasant #and in theory yes it’s true that deviating from your work schedule is its own punishment and #it would be nice not to have the double jeopardy of absences being punished by your boss also #but in practice it seems like most entrepreneurial stuff leaves you *more* trapped by work strictures than having a job does #the owner of the place I work at is on call ~14 hours a day 7 days a week #constantly juggling several different stores #can’t ever gracefully pause or exit #you theoretically *could* pay me enough to take his place #but it would have to be much more than any reasonable estimate of how much he’s actually making #I think that (for me anyway) the real difference here in life satisfaction is not ”employee” versus ”entrepreneur” #it’s about how many obligations you’ve taken on #doesn’t matter whether it’s to your boss or your customers or your workers‚ you’re still trapped #when I play at business-running in MMOs‚ I am always very careful *never* to take long-term contracts #I warn people that I do not promise availability further than 3 days out #some players do! apparently that can be fun for them! but *I’d* be miserable #I love and crave stability‚ which is a big part of why I never promise it if I can avoid it #precommitments aren’t helpful to me here #if future-me deems something important enough to be worth breaking routine for‚ then I trust her judgment #and I want her to have that option for when it’s needed #tag rambles #in which Brin has a job

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