On the one hand if we ever get human-like general AI it’d be cruel to build them into consumer electronics but on the other hand what if it was just your day job and you spend 6 hours a day working as a roomba or forklift.

“Hey, uh, Roomba, your ID lights are different, what happened?”

“Eleanor/5627 caught a virus so I’m covering for her, I’m her roommate, Oliver/5629, we were colocated in the same rack growing up.”

“Cool, watch out for the stairs, Eleanor tells me the fall sensors don’t always pick up the carpet for whatever reason.”

“…and so the tech said she’s not allowed to network with anything for three days so we can be sure it’s cleared out.”

“I’ll send her a “get well soon” email. You doing okay?“

“Mostly, I had some trouble getting in to the office this morning, she has one of those goofy R2-D2 style bodies but I have a humanoid one so it was kinda rough to crawl though the service tunnels this place has.”

“You should ask the manager if you can come in through the front. Wait, why don’t y’all just, like, skype in?”

“Most AI’s find consciousness transfer better for doing really tactile work like navigating obstacles to clean an office. Better sensor integration or something, I dunno, I’m a history major. Plus, it takes way too much bandwidth to do it over anything other than a direct wire connection.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

“Also absolutely no one wants to take the risk of exposing AI chassis command ports to the public internet these days. Why, back when I was just a server rack and the firewalls still had bugs in them my friends and I would find poorly secured farm networks and race combine harvesters!”

“Is that legal?”

“Not anymore!”


#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #storytime #AIs

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