Job ad! Come be my coworker!

I work at Vox’s Future Perfect, a grant-funded effective-altruism-inspired vertical focused on high impact writing on some of the world’s most important problems.

Some of the stories I’m proudest of over the last few years has covered the case for catastrophic AI risk, the rise of plant-based meat, progress towards malaria vaccines, and the case for better biosafety and pandemic preparedness (unfortunately, those pieces all look really good in retrospect). 

Now, we’re expanding Future Perfect! We’ll be hiring three full-time fellows for a one-year fellowship. Starting salary depends on your experience but Vox’s minimum salary for any role is $56,000. You’ll write for Future Perfect on any of the above topics or other topics of global importance that you want to become an expert in and bring to our audience. You don’t need to have a journalism background; I think the most important qualification is a commitment to understanding and improving the world, with the EA lens that makes Future Perfect different from everything else in journalism.

If you’re potentially interested and want to know more about what working at Vox/at Future Perfect is like, feel free to reach out to me here or at And please share this post: I think hiring the right people will make a huge difference to the potential value of the Future Perfect fellows program.


#signal boosts #(I have no desire to become a journalist myself but Kelsey does good work)

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