A sleight-of-hand magician routine that’s also a stand-up comedy set about ADHD. Like I’m just there complaining about how I always lose or forget stuff, I change subject as I lose your track of thought, then suddenly remember that I was holding a fan in my hand and –

Where the FUCK did it go??

I ask the audience if they saw where it went. Not in my sleeve, there’s just a handkerchief there. Nothing in my pockets. FUck, I don’t even have any pockets. No, wait, was it in the – [a dove emerges from an improbable place] aw fuck I forgot to return that to the vet.

Now distracted by tugging a comical length of handkerchiefs out of my sleeve, I’ll start telling the story of why, exactly, I was borrowing a pigeon from a vet in the first place. The story, which is lengthy, still doesn’t go on as long as the string of handkerchiefs.


#ADHD #story ideas I will never write #amnesia cw #embarrassment squick? #I didn’t actually laugh aloud but it still amused me enough to reblog #(I particularly like that last line)

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