According to a rumor, you can reduce side effects from the Pfizer vaccine by taking zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D over the week leading up to it. (Supposedly this comes from the German government, but I haven’t seen a source.) It worked for me— second shot went easier than the first.

Obviously I’m not swearing by this, but all three of those are safe and most people are deficient in one of them anyway, so it’s not like there’s a downside.

A TON of people are deficient in vitamin D. Especially if you’re dark skinned, and especially if you live somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight (so not near the equator basically). and being indoors more than usual because of lockdowns probably doesn’t help. Magnesium IIRC helps with absorbing vitamind D, i don’t know if zinc is unrelated or not. And there’s been a bunch of stuff about low vitamin D making you react worse to getting covid and i guess from this also to just the covid vaccine?


#hmm #it’s hard to look into this because the keywords tend to just turn up a bunch of antivax conspiracists #but OP’s second paragraph seems pretty reasonable as long as you check for interactions and don’t take ridiculously high doses #I’m already taking 2000 IU/day of vitamin D and I think Mom has some magnesium pills she’d be willing to share #don’t know if there’s any zinc lying around the household #maybe I’ll eat more…what do I eat if tweaking my diet towards higher-zinc foods…cashews and amaranth #(maybe I should go look into those magnesium pills) #(if my waiting-list experience is anything like Mom’s‚ my vaccination may well turn out to be a week or less from now) #vaccines #medical cw #covid19

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