In honor of the final part of qntm’s The Antimemetics Division coming out, I made some inscrutable memes. (And one old one.) I don’t think any of these constitute spoilers. Enjoy!


#qntm is very good at writing the kind of fiction that he writes #but the kind of fiction that he writes feels like having acid dripped into your brain #his time-travel meta is excellent but I cannot honestly recommend his fiction unless you are *exactly* the right sort of person #if you *are* that sort of person then you should absolutely go for it #(that being said I do kind of like the concept of) #(the guy who spun off a temporary disposable fork to hold a meeting) #((the meeting being so top-secret that even *he* couldn’t know what went on in it)) #(and then the alpha self gets assassinated mid-meeting and the fork is like) #(”welp guess I gotta be alpha now‚ *somebody* has to”) #(”wait fuck I have no idea how to care for the vessel I’m sleeved in”) #(”what does this thing even *eat*”) #SCP Foundation #tag rambles #amnesia cw #death tw

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