This is GENIUS!



Crows have good memory and communicate too so once word got out that the fruit wasnt the wave they all left it alone, thats cool af



i finish tending my garden.

rocks: painted.
raspberry plants: growing.
birds: bamboozled.

i am a successful gardener. 



Hold on gotta go gaslight some birds so my crops will grow better



The squirrels, unfortunately, are dumb as all shit and will absolutely eat a rock on the off chance it might be a strawberry.  the same rock.  three times a week. and never complain about thier geological misfortune to other squirrels so THOSE squirrels come over and eat rocks too. 

So the Berry Zone will require psychological warfare, physical fortifications and regular dog patrols if I’m going to be able to forage fruits like a marmoset as my heart desires.



Come on, give them some credit. Their level of intelligence is irrelevant. Squirrels are made for gnawing through hard things, they’re not gonna be scared of some rock just because it might be an actual rock.


#gardening #food #interesting ideas #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what

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