Computer viruses/attacks get cool names like rowhammer or stuxnet or wannacry but real viruses get shitty names like “COVID19/Novel Coronavirus 2019 variant” or “H1N1 Swine flu”. I think they should swap. Make computer vulnerabilities stuff like “shitty wifi router flaw #2940” and real viruses “ult1m4te de4th c0ugh d1sease”. That’ll do it

Get whoever named “anthrax” to take lead on this one

I mean, you get vulnerabilities or exploits with names like “CVE-20XX-29407” and absolutely unreadable anti-virus generated malware labels like “Trojan.Agent!8.B1E(TOPIS:E0:ahl5sYEJYaH)” and “W32.Mydoom.AU@mm” so computer viruses kinda already get shitty names when there’s not a lot of press surrounding it

Yeah that’s the shit. Let’s start talking about them using their antivirus malware description names.


#I didn’t actually laugh aloud but it still amused me enough to reblog #names #illness tw #covid19 #(the Carrionites are right though:) #(the power of a name works only once) #(a different name can give a different *first* impression) #(but as you get to know a thing its name will rapidly take on whatever vibes the thing itself has)

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