all the movies and tv shows over the next few years that will have to decide if they’re canon compliant or a canon divergence no plague au


#I have already started seeing this happening with web serials and it’s beautiful #also‚ like‚ there are more than two options here #I had a dream recently where I had time-manipulation powers #and in the dream I discovered that in my original timeline the plague was unusually *late* #most timelines have a coronavirus pandemic in 2015 or late 2014 #there is absolutely nothing stopping you from setting a story in one of *those* timelines #you could totally split the difference and set a story in a significantly *post*-plague 2020 #the characters wander through a grocery store chatting and about 5 – 10% of background patrons are masked #”yeah‚” a character offhandedly mentions in one episode‚ ”I can’t make it ’cause I got COVID-14” #”don’t worry‚ I got my booster this year so I’m gonna be fine just gotta stay home for a bit” #it’s never at the forefront‚ it’s never a major plot point‚ it’s just casually there in the characters’ past informing their present #(I feel like this might be helpful for certain kinds of emotional processing?) #tag rambles #covid19 #illness mention #writing

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