There’s no reason to be afraid of component-level repair. Nowadays, a lot of stuff is made out of like four big parts, and the manufacturer tells you to replace the entire big part when it fucks up. It makes sense for all involved: the repairperson gets done quickly, the customer is happy that they don’t have to learn how things actually work, FedEx gets bigger boxes, and the manufacturer gets to sell a $300 replacement board for a $450 thing. What divides this kind of person from you and I, humble reader, is the desire to go deeper.

There are many motives that drive a person to consider the bottomless pit that is component-level repair. Simple curiosity. A desire to save the environment. Not wanting to let them “get one over” on you. Cheapness so severe that it borders on mental illness. Whatever the reason, all throughout the world, people are diving deep in the quest to truly understand their shit.

Sometimes you have to understand that shit better than the people who made it. After all, if they were all that bright, then it wouldn’t be broken, now would it? They’d have used the $2 part instead of the $0.17 part, like you’re about to. Now, the entire infrastructure that makes Western civilization possible has failed you, and it’s just you and your soldering iron, socket wrench, oxy-ace torch, or surgical scalpel. Finish, and you will believe you are a god. Fail, and – it was broken anyway, but at least now you sound smarter when you bitch about it at the bar.

So get out there right now, and go find something that’s busted and too expensive to replace. Then tear it apart, and figure out what tiny annoying piece of shit is making this big annoying piece of shit not work. You owe it to the rest of humanity, or at least your ego.


#unreality cw? #(this blog’s *other* posts make it pretty clear that the blogger is a fictional character) #(but *this* one seems–while somewhat exaggerated–essentially true) #I *do* find scalpels and solder and whatnot kind of scary #(especially since usually the thing I am looking to tinker with isn’t *completely* broken) #(so I *could* very well make things worse) #but I think it’s good (if likely supererogatory) to *understand* repair even in cases where #you prefer to outsource the actual process to experts #it gives you a sense of things like ”which repairs are worth making” and ”is the repairer quoting you a price of $X fucking with you” #and for that matter ”which model should I buy bearing the possibility of future repairs in mind” #since sometimes the difference between ”DIY” and ”let’s outsource this” and ”nothing we can do about it” is in #how much the machine was set up to *allow* for repairs #(I’ve been getting into smartphone nerdery and have learned a lot about the importance of unlockable bootloaders and removable batteries) #tag rambles

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