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@rustingbridges The bacon pretty much dissolved, just added some flavor. Onion might be a good idea but I absolutely loathe trying to chop the damn things. Do they sell pre-chopped onion?

Sausage might be a good mix-in. Maybe just thaw and chop some breakfast links and toss them in. That might be a good plan.

Onion powder?

For my dad’s kidney beans we use hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, chopped green bell pepper, salt, black pepper, onion, and garlic. When I make hummus I pretty much just embrace the bland, apart from some garlic and salt.

Worcestershire sauce! I definitely need some. I think I had looked for onion powder at Target but they were all out, and in my experience onion powder and paprika don’t really have any flavor anyway. Maybe the bottles my family had were just very stale though

moral-autism replied: “I’ve seen stores sell both fresh prechopped onion and frozen chopped onion potato mixes…


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