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“When I put it on before work (so, more time-sensitive than the previous occasions), I *felt* like this time there was a little bit of leakage at the top of my nose, yet it still passed the plug-the-exhalation-valve test. Nocebo?“

I’ve had this apparently phantom sensation of air flow over the nose while still passing seal tests as well. ¯\_(ᐛ)_/¯ 

“Most importantly, I need to practice attaching the filters and making sure I can properly click them into place, because one of them fucking *fell off mid-task*.“

The filters don’t click into place, they’re twist-lock. This particular model of respirator, in my experience, has particularity tight connections, so I’d recommend installing them while not wearing it. It seems to me implausible that they would fall off if properly twisted into place, without simply ripping the rest of the filter from the plastic coupling.

>>they’re twist-lock

That’s what I meant, yeah.

>>It seems to me implausible that they would fall off if properly twisted into place

Yeah, I’m assuming it was some sort of newbie mistake, since there’s no way it’s even *remotely* normal for them to fall off during use. People trust their lives to these things in situations where one minute of masklessness will fuck you the hell up *even if you’re lucky*.

(I called it a “live-fire exercise”, but that was somewhat of an exaggeration: it’s more like an exercise where 99% of darts are blank and 1% contain *some* poison but not enough for a single dart to poison you. It’s just that there are a lot of darts flying around in a crowded restaurant, and you don’t know which ones are which.)


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