A man has built Ogo, a hands-free wheelchair for his paraplegic friend (video)

Holy shit this is awesome.

For any wheelchair users following me! 

-FemaleWarrior, She/They 

every few months I forget about this and then see it again and it is always one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

So this time I looked it up, I wondered how to get one and how much it cost. Turns out  it was a bit hard to find, actually, and that’s because it’s no longer called the Ogo, it’s called the Omeo.

They are pretty advanced as a product now, in terms of accessories, color options, etc (they have an off road conversion kit and stuff!). They are kind of expensive, tho not necessarily when compared to other wheel chairs, which cost anywhere from a couple hundred bucks for a shitty one, to like 4k for a high end electric one. An Omeo will cost you just under 2k.

Here is their website, if you want to learn more: https://omeotechnology.com/

(I think weasowl overlooked a 0: it’s more like 20k. https://omeotechnology.com/frequently-asked-questions/ indicates that you can sometimes get healthcare coverage for it, though, particularly in Australia.)


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