I wrote this as a tag ramble because it felt like a tag-register kind of post, but I’m running out of space in the tag box and also I don’t want to discourage people from responding to me (apparently a lot of people interpret tag rambles as followers-only posts? and it’s certainly more effort to quote them, in any case), so here it is:

#the great thing about living with your parents is that it gives you potentially as much as two or three decades to figure out
#where the fuck you’re going to find platonic nesting partners after they’re dead
#(the other great thing is that you don’t have to spend years trying desperately to make your savings outpace the rise in house prices)
#(because you can just take over your dad’s HELOC)
#(but that’s *somewhat* tangential to this post)
#I guess I could *try* living alone for a while but I don’t think I’d like it
#I could probably *tolerate* it and there’d be *some* upsides
#but yeah it *is* very inefficient
#and it seems like it would be rather lonely and frankly kind of dangerous
#(I have this suspicion that a lot of the lifespan benefits of marriage are simply from having a housemate)
#(someone to take care of you (and also of basic household maintenance) when you’re sick)
#(someone to hear you choking)
#(someone to find you passed out on the floor)
#(someone to hug you in lockdowns so you don’t break down from touch deprivation)
#one-breadwinner households were a historical aberration and their time has ended
#it’s time to spruce up the homestead system to make it less dependent on having [living family] [that you like being around]
#(okay I went and looked up homesteading and maybe that’s not *quite* the right word)
#(I think it’s just that most of the family-sized communes I know of
#–that *weren’t* forged in the extreme pressures of San Francisco†–
#are homesteads)
#((I mean *ideally* it’d be good to have enough skillsets and executive function and physical function and land between us that
#we *could* retreat into self-sufficiency in a crisis))
#((but “division of labour is good” extends beyond the household level))
#†I really don’t want to live in San Francisco‚ please don’t make me move to San Francisco just to find a commune


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