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surgical masks do not seal that well ime                         

basically all the background smells come thru

yeah it would be nice if they came with better nose pieces but they don’t

Firstly: it can be easy to acclimate, and the different between surgical-mask and maskless is often best observed through comparison. When you take your mask *off*, especially but not necessarily outdoors, are you abruptly hit with a wave of scent?

(Taking off my mask for a solo picnic a couple weeks ago was a powerful experience. After all these months of worrying every time I smelled anything outside my house, it was bittersweet to be so viscerally reminded that yes, I really am missing a lot.)

Did you have the same problems with 2010s-made masks, back when they let ordinary people have medical-grade ones? I tried a 2020-made disposable mask a couple months ago and it was complete shit, absolutely did let all of those background scents through [link].

I saw some random doctor recently saying that he supplements his nosepieces by putting a band-aid seal on over the top. Seems worth a shot: might try it at work tonight, I *have* been noticing early signs of nosepiece failure in both of my cloth masks. (So far I’ve just planted my glasses firmly over the top to help hold it down.)


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