grimes got elon musk into having a soundcloud, it’s a matter of time til elon musk gets grimes into tech shit. grimes reading neal stephenson and having opinions about lisp

Honestly can’t wait

grimes writes a game engine in racket and uses it to make a psychedelic indie hentai rpg. soundtrack by elon musk. it becomes the next homestuck. cons are inundated with scantily clad grimes rpg fans in elaborate masks and purple body paint. instead of nudestuck and buckets people start masked sex cults about grimes rpg apocalyptic visions. with the collapse of state capacity for public health regulation and the increasing number of pandemics the decentralized network of sex cults forms into a full-fledged secret order whose lodges provide mutual aid to their members. 2032 america’s first grimes rpg sex cult secret order president. 2033 the anti-grimes party storms congress, 23 dead, the president declares a state of emergency and the abolition of the constitution and passes governance entirely to the order. with utah’s declaration of independence america begins to balkanize. juggalo theocracy peels off michigan. xi jinping declares that insane clown posse thought is the dialectical culmination of marxism-leninism. elon musk’s warlord harambemechs obliterate the forbidden city of beijing and sweep down into shanghai. nick land pushes the button awakening wintermute and AI-controlled nanobots fuse with wuhan bioterrorism experiments to create an incurable virus turning the entire population into immortal catgirls and immanentizing the eschaton

what the fuck are you on



#anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what

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