at this point you should just make your own computerized sex toys with an arduino, some gumption, and silicon molds of various bodily appendages

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i wish you the best of luck in your dildosmithery

wholeheartedly consigned

Fortunately, Arduino’s pretty easy to pick up, even if you don’t know how to code. There’s a lot of learn to code kits with Arduino, and a massive DIY community with lots of forums.

If you feel more comfortable with a pc-like interface with a lot of capabilities, a raspberry pi (version 3 B+ works just fine for most purposes).

If you’re itching for something cheap and small that can connect to the internet (say, for lots of little wirelessly controlled toys talking to a local device your private internet), there are wifi enabled Arduino boards like the WeMos D1 Mini and Adafruit Featherwing HUZZAH ESP32 boards. The esp32 is a little computer chip that does wifi, so as long as it’s on board or can be added on, you’ve got wireless connectivity. There’s lots of sample sketches for communicating with local devices.

Seems like most of these projects require motors, so here’s an introduction to the electronics

Here’s another lil tutorial on motors

Oh! Also here’s something super important. Electronics safety!

There’s a lot of potential for Arduino and raspberry pis in this category. You can make tasers, locks, pistons, pumps, eye trackers, muscle sensors, screens, twitter api based controls, local wired and wireless controls, screens, and maybe more. Actually, if you search for DIY Arduino electronic sex toy stuff, you can find a lot of interesting boards and existing projects to copy.

I know that one of the relatively easy to make projects is a buttplug that measures orgasm intensity but I believe it uses a 3D printed casing and this is your reminder that 3D printed materials are nearly impossible to properly sanitize so mold a hollow core plug out of silicone or make sure to use a condom (which, because of the composition and texture of 3d print plastic you’d probably want to do anyway).


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