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Problem: Clothing has inadequate storage space.

Bad solution: Normalise pockets.

Good solution: Normalise utility belts.

#this but unironically #I wear a utility belt and it’s so great and y’all should join me

…now that you mention it, that actually sounds like a pretty excellent way to get around the problem where a lot of otherwise-excellent skirts lack pockets and are thus impractical for me to go outside in. (At least insofar as the belt is light enough to not be uncomfortable the way backpacks are.)

Do you have any advice on how to get started trying out utility belts? It hadn’t occurred to me until this post that they might be a thing worth looking into, so I don’t have a good sense of what the market for them looks like or of any particular pitfalls I’d need to avoid.

The first thing you’ll need is terminology: they aren’t normally called “utility belts” because I guess that’s too nerdy or something. The main keywords you’re looking for are “belly bag” or “fanny pack”, though they are also occasionally called “belt bags” or “waist bags”.

(I usually call mine a belly bag in day-to-day conversations, though I sometimes call it a utility belt if I’m emphasising the preparedness aspect.)

I’ve had my current one for ages, but I *think* I got it in the camping section at Walmart. It looks roughly like this [link], though mine has only one side-release buckle (the lefthand one). Eastsport seems to have discontinued those models as part of a pivot towards backpacks, but that picture still gives you an idea of the sort of thing I mean.

Some tips on using them:

You can use the bag as a platform, allowing more stability while carrying bulky objects.

Don’t be afraid to string other pouches onto the belt strap. Maybe don’t go *all* the way around–a pouch right in the back would be both difficult to use† and probably uncomfortable while sitting in chairs with backs–but a pouch on either side is very doable, and perhaps a couple of small things as well like a paracord bracelet or pen-fork pouch.

Speaking of which, here is a list of the stuff I had in my belt as of two years ago [link]. It’s *mostly* still accurate, and certainly remains useful for inspiration.

†though perhaps no worse than a backpack in that regard


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