wait what the- i just posted my- but instead it just posted the ask again??? or- no, the dash is showing an old post, what in the hell…?

is anyone else seeing this:


instead of how it shows on my blog:


? refreshing the dash doesn’t seem to fix it on my end, and idk if this is a problem with how tumblr’s serving the data or if it’s something funky on the client end

I was seeing posts in scrambled order too. Checked in a couple of times over the course of the evening to see if it had sorted itself out yet (it hadn’t), until eventually it occurred to me: “hang on, is Tumblr fucking around with that ~best-stuff-first~ shit again?”

And, yeah, they were. There’s a toggle in the Dashboard section of the settings.


#reply via reblog #The Great Tumblr Apocalypse #Tumblr: a User’s Guide #PSA #bluespace

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