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not a big fan of that captcha thing where you gotta wait 30 minutes for google to decide if it wants to show you another bus



and that captcha thing where it never explicitly tells you if you succeeded or not, so you’re never sure if it’s making you do it like six times because you suck or because it’s just Like That



it reliably makes me do more on my browser With Adblock And Shit, whereas my chrome sellout browser just lets me press the button, so I figure it’s just like that

anyway with the fade out / in buses I think I noticed it doesn’t start the fade in until you focus the tab again, which is Hell



Yeah, in some ways having to do it like six times is a sign that I’ve *succeeded*: not at finding buses, but at preventing Google from tracking my identity.

I don’t think I’ve ever unfocused the tab, so I hadn’t noticed that part.



Update: on multiple occasions reCAPTCHA *has* now explicitly claimed that I failed to find all the crosswalks, and refused to let me through until I agreed to lie and say that those pictures that were clearly *rumble strips* were actually crosswalks. There was likewise an occasion where it wouldn’t let me through until I agreed to claim that an RV was a bus.

(if they’re using this as some kind of self-driving-car training program I shudder to think how that’s going)



to be honest I’m getting pretty annoyed that recaptcha now seems to be the only captcha service in use

It is awfully pervasive, yeah, though I still see a *few* others.

(The update post was inspired by me changing my email addresses to custom domains this week: the “telling all my various accounts to use the new email” process involved filling out a *lot* of captchas.)


#disappointed permanent resident of The Future #reply via reblog #I’m increasingly sick of Google’s shit #for my next smartphone I’m getting a fucking Lineage #(I don’t think I’m *quite* hardcore enough for Replicant or /e/ but ask me again in a few years)

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