wait people sleep with their doors closed????



okay now im curious. reblog this with where youre from and if you sleep with your door open or closed



UK, closed. Why on earth would you leave your door open?



huh, my reaction is the exact opposite of yours: why would you close your door?

i mean the door to my bedroom doesn’t even close properly in the first place, but further than that the only reason I would have to try to close it is to keep heat inside during cold weather (which i am doing these days, or at least trying to because see above).

of course I live alone, so the only person walking through doors anyway is me; closing them seems a waste of effort if I’m going to open them again later, so why do it in the first place. But even when I lived with other people closing my door was an exceptional I-am-naked-right-now-don’t-come-in situation, or to stop the light from bothering others when I stayed up late; since neither of those is the case when I sleep, I didn’t see a point to closing the door



Closed, to block sound and light from the rest of the house. I’m from the USA, specifically New Jersey.

When my door is open, I’m much more likely to be woken by people using the bathroom (which is just outside my door) in the middle of the night, and by people talking pretty much anywhere in the house in the morning if I’m not already awake by then. Closing the door neatly blocks out those problems, as well as additionally blocking out the “I’m not necessarily the last person to go to sleep” problem and its associated sounds and lights around the start of my sleep cycle.

(My door is by no means perfect at blocking either light or sound when closed—it has a couple-inch crack underneath through which both can still get in, and also sound has a way of getting into my room through the floor and walls—but its closed state is still a whole lot more effective at both than its open state is.)

It depends on circumstances.

In New Jersey before the age of 12 or so, I slept with my door open and felt vaguely guilty about it: the children’s books on dealing with disasters said you should always sleep with your door closed, so that if a fire broke out elsewhere in the house there would be an extra barrier between you and it (buying you time to figure it out and [leap out your window]/[call for help]).

Age 12 – 13, I went to bed earlier than the people sleeping in the bedroom directly across from me, so I closed my door to keep their light out.

13 – 22, I slept with my door open because my bedroom in the new Ontarian house was not directly across from anyone and the former consideration no longer applied. Also my bedroom was so small that I had to put a table in the way of the door.

22, my brother was leaving the house before I woke up (to go to culinary school), and I slept with my door closed so that him closing the front door wouldn’t wake me. (I managed to figure out a furniture configuration that makes the door closable, at the cost of making it difficult-but-not-impossible to reach the bookshelves.)

Now, I keep my door open whenever nobody is planning to leave the house before I wake up, and sometimes even then. And when I *do* have to close it I look forward to being able to open it again: I’ve now *also* heard that sleeping with your door open improves air circulation and keeps the carbon dioxide from building up as you sleep, and since my room is very small and my house is not wood-heated, excessive carbon dioxide seems far more likely to occur than fires.


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