Photo by @adulthoodisokay.

Something quick from the people behind @staff


You might have noticed that the internet can be a difficult place to be right now between all the scary news and misinformation about said scary news. On one hand, it’s wise to stay informed, but being constantly bombarded with headlines is overwhelming for anyone. Especially for those of us who spend large chunks of time online. It probably goes without saying that all of us here working at Tumblr are extremely, painfully online now more than ever, just like many of you. Scouring the remote corners of the internet is our job, and if we’re being completely real, our lives. As anyone who is extremely online can tell you, nothing kicks up the anxiety like a particularly difficult news cycle, especially one that feels neverending. 

We didn’t solve the broad-sweeping problems of the world, but we did figure out how to steal a few much-needed moments of bliss. We’ve been coping with rough times by taking time to enjoy the softer, gentler spaces on the internet—the ones overflowing with adorable animal GIFs, beautiful plants, and cute comics. We thought, maybe, you’d like to join us. So we made something for you. For us, too:


Think of this Tumblr as a weighted blanket for the soul. A corner of the internet that feels like a hug. Since we’re not ghouls, we’re not going to use it to promote a new feature or anything like that. We’ve just been coping by spending time down this cozy rabbit hole and wanted to extend the invite. The more the merrier, right? We could all use an escape every now and again. Especially now. 

Remember: Don’t panic. Keep yourself informed, but definitely limit your news intake if it’s affecting your well-being. Don’t listen to unverified misinformation (you can see more about that on our post from last week). Take care of yourself. Practice physical distancing. Keep washing your hands. Keep in mind your mental health is just as important as your physical health. 

If you want to share your moments of joy, use the tag #cozytumblr.


#interesting #landscape #The Great Tumblr Apocalypse #covid19

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