‪**Walking some place that we’ve never been**‬

‪8yo: “I’ve seen this before.”‬


‪8yo: “You know how sometimes you go to sleep and you see things in your dreams and then later on you see them for real? Like that.”‬

‪Me, quietly terrified: “Umm oh yeah! That’s called ‘Deja Vu’! Great!”‬



I have this too, and like a bunch of the other people who say they have this in the notes have described: it’s like…less prophetic full fledged dreams and more like a 2second snapshot of you doing an activity with no context. Like cutting paper then looking up or opening your purse with specific scenery in the background. Then you wake up and you’re like “what was that pointless dream scene.” Then later (sometimes weeks or months later), when you’re doing The Thing you’re like “oh”






Good morning all you That So Raven sons o guns



…I thought this happened to everyone? Is it really so unusual?



It’s never happened to me quite that way (although I did once have a dream that a lost checker was behind a desk, where I then found it the next morning), but my younger sisters both had these, one of them quite a bit. Brains are weird as fuck and we don’t understand them.

I once read an article about “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang (here’s the article, and coincidentally enough it’s by the guy who was the subject of my previous post), in which the article-writer pointed out that it’s really quite simple to make an entity that remembers the future. All you have to do is take their subconscious guess as to what the future is going to be, and have their conscious mind remember this prediction as fact; then, quietly edit their memories of the *past* continuously/as-necessary, so that at any given time they *don’t remember ever having been wrong* about what the future was going to be.

My precognitive events–such as they are; it’s rather less than what the people upthread are describing–feel suspiciously like a weaker version of this, in which my brain doesn’t even bother to present me with a fabricated memory of having seen this in a dream a while back, just a vague sense that this dream occurred.

(…not that I would *prefer* it present me with fabricated memories)

Most of my revelations regarding dreams are about realising what part(s) of the *past* they were referencing, or what puns they were making. In at least one case I didn’t notice the pun for *months*; I wonder how many I’m still missing.


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